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Fernando Fernando

An high energy funny comedian who will raise the room with his unique style of act out comedy. Truly one of a kid act - he has a unique and interesting background just as his performance, will leave you in daze of laughter.

Fflakrim Fejzullahu

An Albanian born comedian who is lighting up the local comedy scene whit his edgy and dark humor. Nothing says Balkan humor like Flakrim’s persona. Come and enjoy and thrilling and exciting act.Nick white - USA born comedian and up and comer who is integrating into Sweden with an American perspective. He has been working in the local comedy scene and been getting plenty of buzz. 

Daniel sanchez

 writer, actor, comedian and a wonderful personality, but don’t let this baby face fool you, his jokes and his writing ability is certainly made for adults. One of Swedens best up and comers who travels around Sweden to spread his one of a kind humor

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